Float + Soak | A Commission that Terrified Me

Y’all. This commission was one of the hardest, yet most fun, I’ve ever done (and I’m pretty sure I’ve lost some sleep over it). Let me tell you a story. I get a message in the fall from dear friends (Lori and Wes Tuttle) about a commission to add to their collection of art. IContinue reading “Float + Soak | A Commission that Terrified Me”

My Favorite Places Collection

This collection, painted from some of the sweetest memories, took me on a journey to places, that while far from each other in distance, have one common thread that travels through each of them – family. Each of these pieces embodies a place that is more than a vacation or a location. These pieces tell theContinue reading “My Favorite Places Collection”

The Beautiful Breakthrough

“At the most precise moment – exactly in God’s timing and not a second later – the most beautiful of breakthroughs will come through if we don’t give up and keep seeking him.”  – Hannah Brencher Burden is such a heavy word. Such a heavy load. But it’s the best way to describe these pastContinue reading “The Beautiful Breakthrough”

At the Well Collection

Tired. Anxious. Thirsty. These past few months have been filled with so many trials and emotions that none of us ever imagined experiencing. Jesus promises to make a path for us – one of righteousness and love, goodness and joy. Jesus promises those who drink of his living, eternal water true and real grace. HeContinue reading “At the Well Collection”