My Favorite Places Collection

This collection, painted from some of the sweetest memories, took me on a journey to places, that while far from each other in distance, have one common thread that travels through each of them – family. Each of these pieces embodies a place that is more than a vacation or a location. These pieces tell the story of my family and where our stories are written.

Available @ Christenberry Collection

Stealing Sunsets | 24×24 | SOLD

This piece captures the bright beauty that is seen in a fall sunset in the Lowcountry. Growing up on the marsh was a treasure for me, and now I am able to share that with my husband and children every time we visit my parents.

Blueberry Dreams | 24×24 | SOLD

Blueberry Dreams: While visions of gorgeous lakes come to mind when one thinks of Michigan, I remember a misty, cool morning where our family packed up and went on a walk a few blocks away from our family’s house to pick blueberries. I still remember the joy in our children’s eyes, who were still in their pajamas, as they giggled and ate the blueberries they picked off the bushes.

Mountain Views | 24×24 | SOLD

Mountain Views: An escape to the mountain lakes and streams does the heart and soul good. Time spent fly fishing in the peaceful nature helps restore the broken pieces of our lives.

Bahamas Blues | 24×24 | SOLD

Bahamas Blues: What better place to remember than wading in the blue waters on Tahiti Beach, basking in the glorious sunshine. 

Mornings on the Canal | SOLD
Downeast Maine | 24×24 | SOLD

Downeast Maine: For a place that seems so serene, I am often reminded of nature’s power and fury. With the jagged rocks and the waves crashing on them, I am reminded how very small I truly am. 

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