The Beautiful Breakthrough

The Beautiful Breakthrough | September 2020 | Available – Art for the Home

“At the most precise moment – exactly in God’s timing and not a second later – the most beautiful of breakthroughs will come through if we don’t give up and keep seeking him.” 

– Hannah Brencher

Burden is such a heavy word. Such a heavy load. But it’s the best way to describe these past six months for me, for you you, for our neighbors, for our communities. Whether the burden is nourishing both the body and soul of your children, supporting a loved one through an illness or fighting to work hard every day in a world that completely tilted on its side, that burden is heavy.

As I began this series I call “Settling In,” I struggled with my own burdens. The year started with the loss of someone very dear to me, and quickly followed with a global pandemic and a uprisings that continued to bring to light the racially unjust world we live in. Decisions I faced when it came to my children and my family weighed me down. Juggling a career and a family – all under the same roof, all at the same time – put a strain on my wellbeing. The weight of questioning my self-worth, my ability as a mother and a wife and whether I was truly made to get through all of this – that burden truly weighed and dragged me down.

I finally gave that burden to the one who best to carry our weight. Jesus asked to take it off of my shoulders, to give me that much-needed relief. He replenished me after months of exhaustion.

And because of Him, I broke through that burden. And it was beautiful.

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