The Paper Heart Diaries

On a regular day – a day filled with a long day at work, followed by making sure my children were fed, did homework, loved and ready for bed – I struggled to get the laundry done. I was just over it. The mundane. The every day chores. The keeping up with it all. Why did I do this every day? Wasn’t there a better way? Why are we called to feel like housekeepers for those that live in our house?  

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Finding Healing: The Look Up Collection

I can’t even remember when I quit painting. I put the paintbrush down and never picked it back up. Life became busy with two children and working full-time. Somewhere in the mess, creating artwork no longer brought me joy and instead became a way to bring in extra money. And as any artist knows, that’s a recipe for losing the drive, motivation and inspiration.

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