A Season of Family

This season in life – the one where we’ve been exhausted by a never-ending pandemic and are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, yet are hesitant to dive back into our “normal” – has been one of family.

Someone recently commented that they hadn’t seen me in ages – we went from seeing each other a few times a month to, well, nothing. I laughed, shrugged and chalked it up with my normal excuse of “being busy” – work, kids, travel, etc. But in reality, it’s been the opposite.

Don’t get me wrong. Work is busy. We have been in and out of town. But I’ve also be looking at our life, and our normal, a little differently.

I’ve been dwelling in a different way to approach this beautiful life God has given me. I’ve moved slower, savoring the days and the moments. I’m on my knees in praise and thanksgiving for this realization of a need to soak up everything that I have now.

I’m in a season of family.

Over the past two years, I’ve gotten to know my family in a way I could not have before – with the long work days, the commutes, the busy sports schedules and community commitments. The last two years have refocused my lens of how I look at this one life I’ve been given. And my family is first. They will continue to be first. The dinner around the table where we share the best part of our day with each other, the snuggles on the couch on a Friday movie night, the walks with the dog and the time playing together in the backyard – these are the things my heart finds true joy in.

I have chosen, rather unconsciously, to spend my time with my family instead of socializing and constantly trying to get to the next activity. I will continue to choose that over anything else. Don’t get me wrong – I absolutely do love being with our circle of friends and sharing laughs and making memories. Some of those friends have become a part of our family over the past few months. But I want to be with friends in a way that celebrates our friendship, offers fellowship and thrives on the foundation of family. I want to be where my kids are seen for the absolutely amazing and precious gifts that they are, where my husband’s heart shines through as he slaves over a grill cooking a meal to share with our neighbors, where my deep belly laughs are echoing those around me and I have sisters, not just girlfriends, that I know I can call in my darkest moments. I want to be with my family where we become better people.

I will choose this new way of life. Over and over again.

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